5 Common Causes of Indiana Motorcycle Accidents

indiana motorcycle accidents

What you’ll learn reading this article:

  • Indiana motorcycle accidents are on the rise.
  • Even a minor accident can be severe for a motorcyclist, especially in 5 common situations.
  • If you’re hurt in an accident, you can take action by filing a lawsuit against the other driver.

Motorcyclists are involved in fewer than 2% of crashes on Indiana’s roads, yet they account for 13% of the state’s traffic deaths. And while motorcycle fatalities were declining in the years leading up to 2017, in 2018 there was an uptick that seems to be persisting.

Why the rise in severe accidents? According to experts from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, there are several contributing factors:

  • Indiana does not require riders over age 18 to wear helmets.
  • Distracted driving due to cell phone use is increasingly a factor in all accidents, including both cars and motorcycles.
  • The number of motorcyclists with blood-alcohol levels above the legal limit has been rising since 2014.
  • Indiana has a broad definition of “motorcycle” that includes other class B “motor-driven cycles” like mopeds and scooters, both of which have increased in popularity.

Even a fender-bender can be life-threatening for a motorcyclist. When a car or truck crashes into them, their exposed bodies are easily crushed by the impact. They can even be flipped into traffic and hit again, increasing their risk of severe injuries.

5 Common Ways Motorcyclists are Injured in Crashes

Although every accident is unique, broadly speaking there are some common reasons why motorcyclists are injured or killed on Indiana’s roads. In no particular order, here are 5 top contributors to motorcycle accidents.

#1 – Motorcycle Speeding

Of all fatal collisions in Indiana, 23% include speed as a contributing factor. In a car-motorcycle accident, one or both drivers’ excessive speed adds significant power to the force of an impact.

#2 – Inexperience Driving A Motorcycle

A motorcycle can be difficult to control, especially for a new rider. Yet many motorcyclists ride with little to no experience. More than 50% of motorcycle operators who crashed in 2018 did not have a driver’s license or a motorcycle endorsement.

#3 – Inattentional Blindness

One of the most common things drivers say after hitting a motorcyclist is, “I didn’t even see them!” Psychologists call this inattentional blindness, or failure to see certain objects due to distractions and assumptions. If you don’t expect a motorcyclist, you’re more likely to hit them without even realizing it.

#4 – Back-up and Back-over Crashes

Motorcyclists are often hit by cars that are backing out of driveways and exiting parking spots. During these shifts in movement, the motorcyclist is vulnerable to drivers who don’t notice or care about their presence. In 90% of crashes where a car backs over a motorcyclist, the car driver is found to be at fault.

#5 – Dangerous Turns On Motorcycle

Between 35% and 45% of all accidents between motorcyclists and cars involve turns at intersections. Typically the car is making a left turn across traffic and the driver fails to realize that a motorcyclist is crossing their path. The two vehicles collide with disastrous consequences.

Here’s How to Take Action After a Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle ride on Indiana’s roads can turn life-threatening in moments and the effects can be long-lasting. You could face months of recovery time, huge medical bills, and a bike that’s totally destroyed. Plus, you could miss work or even lose your job due to someone else’s negligence.

Take action after a collision by contacting an Indiana motorcycle accident attorney. A lawyer who has experience with motorcycle accidents will instantly understand your situation and help you get the compensation you deserve.

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