3 Safety Tips to Get You Through the Indiana Winter

3 Super Easy Ways To Stay Injury Free This Winter

While in the throes of Indiana’s winter months, we are sure to battle the ice, slush, snow, and let’s not forget the bone-chilling cold temperatures that even the most well-maintained boiler can’t seem to keep up with. The Baker Law Team came up with three surefire ways to keep you and your family safe from injury this winter.

  1. Prep Your Vehicle

If you haven’t had your car or truck in for winter maintenance, it is not too late. Or, if you think you can handle topping off the fluids like antifreeze and windshield washer and checking tire tread or pressure, plan to monitor and evaluate those areas often. Something as seemingly insignificant as some ice buildup on your window can obstruct your view, while a winter tire blowout caused from poor tire pressure could create havoc on the interstate, leaving you at fault for a wintry accident scene. In addition, always buckle up.

  1. Take Precaution Outdoors

While most of us enjoy cold weather activities like sledding and skiing, or a simple night out with friends, we don’t always realize the safety hazards that are waiting for us at winter’s corner. Watch for icy patches in front of doors and near walkways, and avoid walking through snow when a path is available. If you plan to participate in any winter sports like snowboarding or snowmobiling, make sure to wear the appropriate safety gear to avoid a traumatic brain injury should you happen to be involved in a crash. Don’t ever engage in risky behaviors like drinking and driving or speeding across a road while operating a snowmobile.

  1. Prevent Home Fires

Winter home fires account for only eight percent of the total number of fires in the U.S., but result in 30 percent of all fire deaths, taking the lives of 890 people each year. Cooking and heat sources – like fireplaces and electric heaters – account for most of those incidences. If you are cooking, be sure to never leave a stove unattended, and keep children safe from burns and out of the kitchen if necessary. When warming up your home heating system, have all equipment serviced professionally to make sure that it is clean, working properly, and ventilated. Once you know those systems are working, you can avoid having to use a space heater or alternative heat source. Space heaters are most often involved in home fires, accounting for 40 percent of all incidences. In addition, inspect and clean those fireplaces and chimneys and install a smoke detector or change the batteries and dust the sensor off in the old ones.

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