Criminal Defense

There are some things in life we simply never have a plan to deal with nor do we ever think we are going to have to face. One of those things is being arrested — there are few things more terrifying than having a pair of handcuffs slipped over your wrists and being told you are under arrest.

The first thing you need to do when this happens is contact a criminal defense lawyer. Not just any lawyer will do — you want to hire someone who has experience, who understands your priority is maintaining your freedom, and who offers aggressive representation.

Criminal Defense

We Defend Our Clients Aggressively

Whether you are facing a DUI charge, a misdemeanor charge, or an Indiana felony charge, we will defend your rights in court. We will ensure that before we set one foot in a courtroom you understand the potential consequences you are facing. By doing this, you can decide about your future: we can negotiate a plea deal, or if you prefer, we will go into court and defend you vigorously.

Baker Law Team will make your case a priority. If you are arrested in Indiana, we offer a free initial consultation. We will conduct the initial consultation at our office, or if necessary at a jail if you are being held in custody.

We will review your case, make sure you understand the fees and potential costs you are facing and make sure that we have earned your trust. Contact Baker Law Team immediately if you are facing criminal charges anywhere in Indiana by calling our Indianapolis office.