Delivery Room Errors

Indiana Delivery Room Errors Attorneys

Delivery Room Errors

Soon-to-be parents plan and prepare for the arrival of a baby with joy and excitement. But that excitement can soon turn to grief and pain if a personal injury or error occurs during labor and delivery.

Many women opt to deliver their babies at hospitals in a medical setting with trained medical professionals providing care. These professionals can include an obstetrician, a midwife, and nursing staff in the labor and delivery unit. In the case of a Cesarean birth (or C-section), a mother and her baby may also interact with surgical staff, the anesthetist and other medical professionals.

Delivery Room Errors

Are You the Victim of a Delivery Room Malpractice?

These professionals are trusted partners in the birthing process until something goes wrong. Injury or pain caused to a mother or her baby could be the result of actions taken by a negligent health care professional. In addition, during the time following the birth, proper care for the baby and mother is essential.

If a doctor or nurse makes a rash decision or the wrong choice in the care of you or your baby, serious and lifelong repercussions can result.

We cannot begin to understand the grief and pain you may be experiencing, but at Baker Law Team, we will listen closely to your story and ask questions to determine whether we can provide a means to seek compensation from the medical practitioners on your behalf.

What Are Common Delivery Room Errors?

Delivery room errors often impact a mother or her baby. These errors can cause temporary or lifelong trauma. Examples of delivery room errors include:

  • C-section complications, including surgical mistakes or excessive scarring to the mother
  • Injuries to the mother, such as those involving medication errors or an enormous amount of blood loss
  • Brain injuries
  • Wrongful death
  • Fetal or maternal distress due to prolonged labor
  • Failure to diagnose, improper monitoring, and treatment of preeclampsia

What Should You Do If You Experienced a Delivery Room Error?

If you believe you or your baby is the victim of a delivery room error, speaking with a birth injury attorney is paramount. Do not delay asking for a free consultation about your experience. Perhaps you noticed something “off” during the delivery process or questioned a doctor’s decision due to the doctor’s failure to make a proper diagnosis.

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Maybe your recovery following birth was long or delayed. Even if the delivery room experience was weeks or months or years ago, there may still be an opportunity to seek damages for your malpractice case and to receive justice for wrongdoing by the medical professionals who treated you.

We hope to help restore some of the joy to your birthing experience and provide a more peaceful life moving forward. Call our law firm today and share with us your delivery room story.

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