Negligent Security

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If you are visiting a property, a business or another facility and you are injured, this could be a case of negligent security. It is the responsibility of property owners and managers to ensure a safe, inviting place of business.

When people take shortcuts or make decisions that impact the safety of a premises, accidents and unsafe incidents can occur. Negligent security incidents are also possible in the workplace, impacting employees’ ability to continue working or their safety and emotional well-being.

What Are Examples of Negligent Security?

Premises liability law allows a property owner to be charged with negligent security if someone is killed or injured on the property because the owner did not provide a secure environment. An unsecure environment often includes the lack of basic safety measures and devices such as:

  • Working locks on doors, gates and windows
  • A working security system within the building or on the property
  • Easy access to alarms and emergency telephones
  • Security cameras on the property and in the facility
  • Adequate lighting both inside and outside the property
  • Fencing as a security measure
  • Attention to overgrown landscaping blocking views

What Types of Crimes Are Involved in Negligent Security?

With the absence of these security measures, a criminal can gain easy access to the property and cause harm. The harm could be a physical attack on a patron or an employee. In some cases, the assault is sexual. Or a criminal could commit a robbery.

Where Does Negligent Security Happen?

Negligent security cases arise both inside and outside buildings, such as in parking lots or on walkways or driveways. In other cases, negligent security could entail failure to provide a human-operated checkpoint for guns or knives or a metal detector as people enter a building. In a nightclub or dance club, it could be the lack of bouncers or, in other cases, the employment of abusive bouncers.

In addition to negligent security at workplaces and nightclubs, security could also be negligent at public schools, offices, industrial complexes, government buildings and other places.

What Should You Do If You Are the Victim of Negligent Security?

If you believe you or a loved one has been the victim of negligent security, please let an attorney know immediately. These cases often involve an individual who was abused or killed on a property.

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An attorney may be able to help secure financial compensation for the emotional and physical pain caused to the victim or his or her family in a negligent security case and ensure the property owner or manager is held liable for maintaining an unsafe environment.