Personal Injury

Personal Injury

More than 200,000 car accidents occur annually on Indiana roadways. Some collisions are related to speed, some to alcohol or drugs, and others to distracted driving. What this also means is these accidents were preventable if the driver had made a better decision before the accident. Under Indiana law, victims may file a personal injury lawsuit for up to two years after an accident to recover financial damages for their injuries.

Other Personal Injury Cases

Car accidents are only one reason why you may need a personal injury attorney in Indiana. We have represented clients who have suffered injuries due to poor maintenance that resulted in a slip and fall accident, represented victims of truck and motorcycle accidents, and helped families file wrongful death lawsuits. This is a very complex area of law and requires a skilled attorney.

Hiring an Indiana Personal Injury Attorney

No two personal injury cases are the same. Every personal injury case requires an attorney who understands victims are more able to participate in the process when they feel involved in their case, and they are getting personal attention. At Baker Law Firm, we go the extra mile to make sure you understand what steps we are taking and why we are taking them.

If you have suffered an injury because someone else made a bad decision, you do not have to suffer alone. Baker Law Team has more than 40 years of experience handling personal injury cases in Indiana. Contact our Indianapolis IN offices today and set up a free consultation. We handle all personal injury cases on a contingency basis meaning we only get paid if we are successful in getting a settlement for your injuries. Let us focus on the legal aspects of your injuries while you focus on your recovery.

If it’s not convenient for you to come into our office, we are happy to travel to meet you at a closer location.