Welcome to the Baker Law Team

We understand results matter to you in the end. However, the process of getting to a desired outcome involves working closely with an attorney who cares about the outcome. A good process is important but so is developing relationships between an attorney and a client. Not only is this relationship important but there are other people involved at every level of a legal case; those relationships matter as well.

Family-Focused Law in Indiana

Over four decades, Baker Law Team has forged relationships with law enforcement officials, judges, investigators, and other attorneys across Indiana. We believe this makes us stand apart from other law firms because we do not have to put on airs that are common in giant law firms safely tucked away in high-rise buildings. We believe our family has the secret to success that is so important in representing every client.

We take pride in the fact that every person in our office understands the details associated with every case. This is how we ensure every person who needs our help gets personalized attention, great communication, and aggressive representation.

Whether you are a victim of someone’s bad judgment and have suffered an injury, your marriage is deteriorating and you need a divorce attorney, or you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you can count on the family at Baker Law Team to represent your interests.

Baker Law Team is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and we are proud to represent clients across the state. In addition to our passion for the law, we take pride in helping everyday people overcome challenges. Contact our office and see what a difference strong relationships and a commitment to helping you get your life back on track can make.