Car Accidents

Indianapolis Car Accident Attorneys

If you have not already been involved in a car accident, chances are you will be during your lifetime. Every day, people across the state are involved in car accidents. In 2014, there were more than 200,000 traffic collisions in Indiana resulting in injury or property damage, according to the 2014 Indiana Criminal Justice Institute Crash Fact report. Further, car accidents involve drivers and passengers of all ages.

From fender benders to vehicle totalities, at Baker Law Team, a small family-owned practice in Indianapolis, we have handled it all. No case is too small, or too large, for us to talk to you about. We give direct, personal attention to every case. We take car accidents seriously and wish to help ease your financial, physical and emotional pain following a car accident.

Car Accidents

Are You a Car Accident Victim?

Even if you practice safe driving habits, you may still end up in an accident, even worse, injured. You cannot control what other drivers do behind the wheel. Actions drivers perform that often lead to car accidents include:

  • Drivers under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol or prescription medications
  • Distracted drivers including those using cell phones behind the wheel
  • Failure to obey traffic signs and signals, such as running a red light or a stop sign
  • Speeding or reckless driving, and more

Perhaps, you weren’t involved in an accident, but family member was injured – such as a teen driver in your household – and you need to know their legal rights. In any case, the aftermath following a car accident involving injury can be a challenge to deal with. Damages likely incurred, perhaps misdemeanor charges have been filed against the person who caused the accident, a traffic ticket may have been issued or, maybe someone was injured.

Types of Car Accident Injuries

Injuries from car accidents can be minor to severe. Common injuries include whiplash, bruising, joint or limb pain and more. Severe injuries may result in a lengthy hospital stay, costly medical bills, physical therapy and other sacrifices.

In addition to physical hurdles, car accident victims may deal with emotional and psychological trauma following the event. This trauma can last weeks, months or years – and seriously impact quality of life. In the worst cases, car accidents can result in loss of life. While a family member or loved one can never be replaced, seeking damages can ease financial burdens.

Ways You Can Seek Damages

When seeking financial relief after a car accident, the following are a few examples of what we can help you seek damages for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills
  • Current and future personal expenses
  • Loss of income, and more

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If you are injured in a car accident, one of your first steps should be to call an attorney to see what your rights are and to understand how to move forward. As a small family-owned practice, an attorney at Baker Law Team will personally answer your phone call. If you are the victim of a car accident we will talk about what happened and let you know if you have room for a case against the at fault party. We will also talk about the potential to recover damages to help ease your burden.