Injuries to Children

Indiana Attorneys for Injured Children

Has your child suffered an injury? Do you wonder whether the injury could have been prevented, or do you know that it was preventable?

While often preventable, child injuries remain alarmingly common. In fact, accidents including drowning, burns, falls and poisoning remain the leading cause of death among children in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This figure includes children from birth until age 19. Each year, more than 12,000 children in this age group die from accidental injuries, the CDC further reports.

Injuries to Children

No parent wants his or her child to suffer an injury. Parents strive to keep their children safe and protected at all times. But sometimes children are under the care of someone other than a parent. If something happens and the child was injured, what can be done?

At Baker Law Team, we are here to help provide answers and seek resolution. Our small, family practice is easily accessible from downtown Indianapolis and offers a comfortable and inviting space to discuss your child’s injury. Our team is caring, compassionate and experienced in handling cases involving injuries to children.

Is Your Child the Victim of an Injury?

The types of injuries and the reasons children become injured are widely varied. Some common cases involving child injuries include situations such as:

  • Injuries at daycare centers or at grade school or preschool
  • Dog bites or other unprovoked animal attacks
  • Injuries on a playground, on playground equipment or during sporting events
  • Injuries at amusement parks or water parks
  • Injuries at swimming pools
  • Injuries due to use of a defective toy or product

Depending on the injury your child suffered and where it happened, liability can be placed on a care provider, teacher, school system, product or company. We will carefully listen to the circumstances of your case and ask questions about how, when and where the injury occurred. We will also discuss the aftermath of the injury.

What Impact Do Child Injuries Have?

Depending on the severity of the injury to your child, you may have also experienced the anguish of paying expensive medical bills, providing physical therapy to your child, dealing with emotional or psychological trauma, losing trust in those whose job it is to care for children and more.

Is Your Child Suffering From an Injury?

In addition, your child may still be suffering physical and emotional pain following the injury. He or she may need therapy or counseling to help cope with the trauma of the injury and the incident that led to the injury. In the most devastating cases, permanent disability or loss of life may also occur.

At Baker Law Team, We Can Provide a Resolution to Child Injuries

Children are precious and innocent. We are saddened by the pain you are experiencing, but we find hope in providing a resolution and holding the person, entity or product involved with the injury liable for their negligence. We are neighborhood attorneys who care about family. Let us help yours. Please call us today at 317-524-6900.